4 Benefits of Seamless Gutters

exterior view of a house with seamless gutters.
A sectional gutter is pieced together bit by bit and then fastened together by its seams. Seamless gutters are made from continuous material, usually aluminum, steel, zinc, or copper, and only attached to the corners of the exterior. We’ll look at the benefits of seamless, and why you might want to consider this option if you’re looking to replace your current gutter.

1. Fewer Leaks 

The more joints in a gutter, the more likely that one part of the material will start to detach from the other. Whether it’s due to rust, a hole from a sharp twig, or just constant pressure, small leaks have a tendency to become major problems faster than you might think. Not only can the uneven distribution of water begin to have negative effects on your yard, but the water seepage can pose larger problems to the structure of the home. A seamless gutter has as few joints as possible, making it easier to avoid the rust and leaks that can quickly damage the gutters and home. 

man installing seamless gutters.

2. Customized Fit 

A seamed gutter will be made for homes based on general dimensions, but a seamed gutter is custom-fit for each property. Because homes have a variety of configurations, installers of seamed gutters may find themselves making compromises that ultimately interfere with the gutter’s functionality. Just an extra fraction of an inch can eventually affect the gutter over many years of use. A seamless gutter is perfectly measured for your home, so you’re less likely to have problems with it over time. 

3. Improved Resale Value 

There are so many components of a home that you may not think the gutters have anything to do with property value. But one of the most coveted things for potential homebuyers to hear is that the home won’t require much maintenance. Seamless gutters are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also require very little upkeep. Because there are fewer joints, both you and the new homeowners won’t have to worry as much about serious debris build-up. You’re also less likely to have pests enter by way of your gutters. 

front yard view

4. Reduced Chances of Backups 

A bad clog in a gutter can be enough to destroy it entirely. When leaves and twigs make their way inside it, the pressure of the resulting water is unrelenting and can quickly become too much for it to handle. This is especially important if your home is likely to form ice dams. While your home may not experience a lot of cold days in Georgia, it needs to have functional gutters to defend against the formation of heavy icicles in the dead of winter. If unaddressed, this can lead to anything from roof rot to damaged interior wall framing. 

Seamless gutters may cost a little more in the long-run, but consider the costs of everything from the maintenance to the repairs of seamed gutters. It quickly becomes a much fairer contest when comparing the two. Assurance Residential doesn’t cut corners when it comes to installing your gutters, and we promise that you won’t pay a penny until you’re satisfied. If you’re looking for installers who understand the value of both your property and your time, we’re here to help you protect your roof and your home.

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