Frequently Asked Questions

Roof Replacement

Many people never have any idea their roof is nearing the end of its lifetime because it is difficult to access a roof. However, there are often signs that it’s time to replace your roof.  An outdoor sign you should look for is granules below the gutter downspout.  On the inside of your home, water damage, stains and peeling paint indicate potential problems with your roof.  After a severe storm, heavy winds, rain and hail could cause damage that should be addressed. If you think that a recent storm might have caused damage to your roof, timeliness is an important factor when filing a claim with insurance. You should never wait until your roof has a leak, is sagging or is missing shingles to address roof problems. These are severe problems that could cause very expensive damage to your home, both inside and out. If you are unsure if you need a new roof, we always offer free, no-obligation inspections.

We only install the very top quality roofs from GAF. GAF is North America’s leading and most innovative roofing manufacturer.  GAF Shingles were the first to pass the newest industry standard.  This new standard (AC438) uses advanced techniques to predict performance in durability, wind-driven rain performance and extreme-temperature resistance.  What that all means is that we can offer you a roof with a 50-year lifetime.

Because of the size of our experienced team, we complete most jobs faster than other companies. We typically finish a roofing project within a day.

We replace roofs year-round. For professional roof installation or questions about your roof, contact us at (404) 600-ROOF.
No, in most cases, you will not need to be at home during repairs or replacement. The workers will not need any access to the inside of your home, and can complete the job while you are away. We assign a project manager to every roofing job, and he/she will be available throughout the day, should you have any questions or concerns. The project manager ensures that the crew works efficiently, does the job correctly and cleans the job site completely.
Absolutely! We assign a project manager to every job. Your project manager will be available throughout the day, and is happy to answer questions, address concerns or meet any requests you may have throughout the process.
In most cases this isn’t necessary, however in cases where a permit is required, we’ll inform you, and we’ll handle the process of obtaining the permit.

Certification and Warranties

We are a full state licensed General Contracting firm. A state license tells you that the contractor has the proper training and expertise to work on your roof. A contractor without the necessary skills and certifications will likely do an inferior job, potentially leading to expensive repairs down the road. A state license also tells you that the contractor is insured. Without insurance, you could be liable for any injuries or accidents that occur while the contractor is working on your home.

In addition to being state-licensed, Assurance Residential is also certified as GAF Master Elite®. This certification tells you that Assurance Residential has a proven reputation and is committed to ongoing professional training. GAF only awards 2% of all roofing contractors this distinction.
Yes, we offer warranties that cover both the materials for the entire roofing system for 50 years and the workmanship for up to 25 years on every roof that we install. Our warranties are backed by GAF, and are some of the best in the industry. GAF is North America’s largest and leading roofing manufacturer, and has been in the business for 130 years. The odds of experiencing a problem with a new GAF roof are minuscule. But, even though problems are rare, you want to know that if you do have a problem, it’s covered.
GAF Master Elite® Certification is the highest certification awarded by GAF, the leading roofing manufacturer in North America. Only 2% of roofing contractors have been awarded this distinction. To achieve this certification, GAF requires that the contractor be properly licensed, adequately insured, have a proven reputation and be committed to ongoing professional training.

What does this mean? When you work with a GAF Master Elite® Certified contractor, you are working with a reputable contractor who has surpassed stringent requirements and is able to deliver a top-notch roof.

Insurance and Financing

Yes, we offer various home improvement financing options through GreenSky®. Applying is quick and easy through an in-home app, and we can help you through the process – just give us a call!

Although we would love to save you some money, we are unable to waive your deductible. If a roofing company offers to waive your deductible, what they are really doing is invoicing the insurance company for an inflated amount, so that they can allow you to not pay the deductible. This is insurance fraud, and both you and the roofing company can be prosecuted for the crime. 

Contact us and we’ll be glad to provide a free inspection and a detailed report including pictures of your roof. At that point you will need to call your insurance company to initiate the claims process. Most insurance companies will send an agent out to your house for their own inspection. We will then meet with the agent to go over the insurance assessment and make sure that no problems are overlooked and that your claim is given full consideration.

We do not require any money upfront.  In fact, you will not owe anything until the job is done, and you are completely satisfied.  


No, we do not ever charge for estimates. To provide you with an accurate estimate, we do a full inspection of your roof. A qualified inspector from Assurance Residential will access your roof and take pictures. Afterwards, the inspector will provide you will a detailed, written report explaining the findings. This service is always provided free-of-charge and without obligation.
Yes, we always provide written estimates for the work we recommend. Before every job, we complete a full inspection and provide you with a detailed report including pictures and explanations of the findings. At that time, we also provide you with an estimate, should we find anything that should be corrected. For insurance claims, we will come to your house to speak directly with your insurance agent. By speaking directly with the insurance agent, we can ensure that no defects are overlooked, and all problems are addressed.
If your roof has been damaged for a while, there will be signs in and around your home. You can read about what to look for here. But, if you want to catch the damage to your roof before it causes additional damage to the interior of your home, you’ll want to have your roof professionally inspected. We’ll be happy to come out to your house, free-of-charge, and inspect your roof for you. After the inspection, we’ll provide you with a detailed report that includes pictures of your roof. Our inspections are no-obligation, and the report is yours to keep. Even if you don’t need a new roof, the inspection is invaluable for understanding the condition of your roof.

General Information

A new roof is a great investment for your home, having a better ROI than adding a new bathroom or a backup generator. The national average for increase in home value with a new roof is $12,000.
Yes, we completely clean our work area and surrounding yard area throughout the day and at the end of each project. In fact, we pride ourselves in how well we clean up your home, and many customers say that they would never know we were there, except for the beautiful new roof. We take great pride in everything we do, and work very hard to maintain our reputation. Great service is one of the most important aspects of a job well-done. That is why we take such care to cover your belongings during the job and remove all materials after the job.
Assurance Residential has been providing homeowners with a top quality roofs and service for over a decade. We are well-established in the area, and you can find many customers to tell you about their experience with us. We are a stable company that you can count on to stand behind the work we do.
Yes, we are a family-owned and operated general contracting business based in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Choosing a local business is a great way to support the economy and community in which you live. Local businesses provide jobs to your neighbors, contribute to local causes and provide leadership that reflects community values. Competition from small business fuels innovation and keeps pricing healthy over the long-term. And most importantly, local businesses are more dependent on customer satisfaction than large corporations.
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