Getting a professional opinion of your home’s roofing-system is top-priority should you suspect your roof has sustained damages and replacement or repair work must be performed.


  • The two most important things an individual must decide after booking an appointment with a respective roofing contractor entity is FIRST AND FOREMOST establishing a good client-contractor relationship. When in the market for a roofing system the consumer should never feel pressured by the roofer, be wary of contractor’s out for the ‘hard sell’.
  • Well, the initial roofing inspection of course. Ours is complimentary. This is the nitty gritty part, the number crunching. Assessing all factors of the roof including architectural aspects (angles, slopes, ridges, valleys, ventilation, chimneys, etc.) to sum up the actual surface area of the roof itself. This ensures material orders are correct. These initial assessments are how the overall cost of the project is calculated.


The 5-components of a steep-slope roofing system:

  1. Roof Covering: Shingles, Metal, Slate, or Wood Shake and the underlayment. This is the top layer, it protects the sheathing from the weather.
  2. Sheathing: Boards or sheet material that are fastened to roof rafters to cover a house.
  3. Roof Structure: Rafters and trusses constructed to support the sheathing.
  4. Flashing: Sheet Metal or other material installed into a roof system’s various joints or valleys to prevent water from leaking through.
  5. Drainage: a roofing systems design features, such as it’s shape slope & layout that affect it’s ability to shed water.


What type of system are you considering? There’s a great deal of things to take into consideration! I mean, of course cost is always a high-priority, but with the ever-expanding availability of new options lending to your homes aesthetics and architectural styling is certainly important.

  1. Cost
  2. Durability
  3. Aesthetics
  4. Architectural style


  1. To begin the roofing replacement process your old shingles are stripped off all the way down to the decking.
  2. Any decking/structural support areas in need of attention (i.e. damaged or rotten) are promptly removed and replaced accordingly.
  3. All new materials along with the waste trailer are delivered the day of the job.
    • No haphazard pallet stacks of materials cluttering up your driveway.
    • Dump trailers are equipped with rubber tires (rather than standard metal rollers) ensuring that your driveway is protected and left unscathed of any unsightly marring leaving behind those nasty scuff-marks that are permanently etched into the pavement.
  4. Jobsites receive constant supervision during the initial roofing removal, and install process to make sure your project foregoes and unforeseen mishaps.
  5. As the re-install process reached completion your new roofing system is thoroughly inspected to ensure it is free of any minor imperfections by our Assurance Residential Roofing Specialist, as well as (via complements of our GAF Master Elite Certification) if shingle system is part of our GAF catalog inspected by your localized GAF representative.