Benefits of Hiring a Local Roof Contractor

When your roof needs repair, there are a lot of reasons to call a professional contractor rather than doing the work yourself. Not only are roof accidents common, but the injuries are also more severe than those sustained from standard home maintenance. But before you call the first big-name chain contractor you see, you may want to consider the benefits of staying local.

Direct Interaction 

What happens when you work with a contractor whose headquarters are based thousands of miles away? Are they able to answer your questions when you try to go off-script, or do they have to get permission or answers from a distant entity? Are they able to recommend services based on the architecture of your home and the weather in your neighborhood? When you hire a local contractor, you can deal with the professional directly rather than through a corporate lens.  

Money in the Community

A national contractor will keep some money in the community, but it may pull even more out of it. You may be trying to fix your roof as opposed to the local economy, but why not do both if you have the opportunity? When you invest in the talent in your area, you support small businesses as well as your town. When you invest in the people around you, you encourage others to do the same and the neighborhood will build from there. It’s a win-win cycle for all. 

Reputation Is Everything 

Your contractor is directly invested in protecting their good name within the community. A national contractor may have perfunctory customer service, but their primary goal has little to do with your best interests. The national chain has resources that stretch far past where you live, and they won’t be afraid to fall back on them. Whether you need an initial quote or you have questions about the work several years after it’s completed, you need a professional who’s fate is tied with yours. A local contractor needs your referral, and they won’t get it without earning it first. 

A Place to Go 

Local contractors are not inherently better than contractors from a big chain company, but they will always know your neighborhood and its quirks better than a national chain. If a major storm rips through your neighborhood and damages roof after roof, a big chain will swoop in pretty quickly to offer their services. Their tendency is to sell expensive package ‘deals’ without offering the premium work that a local contractor would provide at the same (or maybe even a reduced) price.
Your roof really isn’t a repair project that you can put off for very long. Damage to the roof is really damage to the entire home, especially during severe weather. Whether you need an inspection or entire replacement , choosing a local contractor with a strong reputation is always the better choice.
Assurance Residential is a professional roofer that you can trust that serves the Lawrenceville, GA and surrounding areas, including Atlanta and Athens. Call us today at 404-600-ROOF or fill out our form to schedule a free consultation and estimate.
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Ryan Calder is the owner of Assurance Residential, based out of Lawrenceville, GA. He is a licensed general contractor with over 20 years in the construction industry.​

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