4 Common Causes of Roof Leaks

water damage to ceiling.
A roof leak is more than just an inconvenience, it’s the first sign the larger structure is on the verge of collapse. It can be more difficult to keep a roof intact than many homeowners realize, especially considering there’s more than one way for it to spring a leak. Once you know why it happens though, you may have an easier time preventing a problem before it occurs. Learn more about the common reasons for roof leaks (and what you can do about it).


Wear and tear from age is normal for any roof, but the passage of time can really do a number on the elements of the structure. Hot temperatures can cause materials to turn brittle or crack. Repeated exposure to strong sunshine can deteriorate the tar on the shingles. Too much rain can cause the seal of the valleys of the roof to erode. The flashing on the roof can start to decay over time, which can cause damage to the vents. The lifespan of a roof can vary drastically based on its original construction, so even a roof that’s only 15 years old could cause you some trouble. 

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Ice Dams

While this might not seem like the biggest problem in your area, even the infrequent ice storms the roof endures can cause trouble for your roof. Ice dams form on the edges of the roof, which can ultimately affect the drainage of the roof. The extra weight from the water can cause the roof to leak and may even lead to widespread sagging if left for too long.

Weak Sealant 

Construction workers and contractors can definitely make mistakes when they’re on the job. And with a structure as big and complex as a roof, it’s not always easy to spot that mistake until long after the roof is finished. If the sealant of the roof wasn’t properly applied, the planes of your roof can start to separate over time.  

Shallow Slopes 

The higher the slope of the roof, the harder it is for moisture to accumulate. If the roof is too shallow, the water can pool for longer than you want it to. Strong winds can lift shingles just enough for the rain to get under them, which can wear the roof away one storm at a time. While there are stipulations on how shallow roofs, those stipulations aren’t always followed. So if your roof wasn’t built with enough reinforcements, you could see leaks over time.
If you think your roof may be susceptible to any of the common causes for leaks (or you’re already setting out buckets to deal with the problem), it may be time to have a professional look at it.  From cracked vent booting to poorly installed skylights, Assurance Residential can identify the problem before getting to work on the solution. Call us today at 404-600-ROOF or fill out our form to schedule a free consultation and estimate. We serve the Lawrenceville, GA and surrounding areas, including Snellville and Winder.
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