How Do I Know If My Roof Has Been Damaged?

Signs Your Roof Has Been Damaged

If you have had a recent storm pass through your property and are concerned you have a damaged roof, you may be in the market for a roof replacement. Before you commit to this type of major household repair, you may wonder if it’s necessary and what signs you can look for yourself as a homeowner. Keep in mind you will still need to contact a professional roofing company to provide you with a roof repair inspection. However, knowing what to look for in the accessible areas of your house can tell you when it’s time to call for a professional inspection.

Air Quality Issues

For homeowners who have been experiencing issues with a roof for a while, the first indicator of damage might be less obvious. If the mold were to become airborne after roofing damage, you may suffer from health problems associated with mold. These include headaches, migraines, coughing, asthma, skin irritations, and lung infections. Mold damage is highly destructive in a home, so you want to make sure to get a mold test done of the rooms where you think there is mold damage. If the root cause for the mold growth is roof failure, you will need to get a roof replacement.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does state that just because you see mold on your ceiling, you do not automatically need to get a mold test done. However, if you do have concerns about mold and want to make sure it has been remediated, you should hire a professional mold testing provider.

Increased Energy Bills

Are you noticing that you are paying more for heating or air conditioning? You might have a roof that is letting out all of your high priced, temperature-controlled air. If you’ve ruled out the possibility of problems with your heating or air conditioning unit, take a look at the possibility of a damaged roof. A leak in a roof can lead to damage in cellulose and/or fiberglass insulation. As a result, your house is not as energy-efficient, and you may likely need to get a roof replacement.

Damaged Rafters and Joists

For open ceilings where you can see the rafters and joists, these are what you want to look at when checking for interior damage. If you notice dark, discolored or sagging woodwork, you want to get a roofing inspector into your home asap for an inspection. This is a solid indicator that you may have extensive roof damage. A roofer is best qualified to manage this type of roof repair.

Sagging Ceiling Tiles

For houses that do not have an attic or crawl space where you can visibly inspect the roof from the inside, there are other indicators. Start with any sagging areas of the ceiling. Wet cardboard or noticeable soft spots in the ceiling and ceiling tiles are definite trouble zones. Most certainly these are caused by water damage coming from somewhere. If you are safely able to access the area below the roof for a visible inspection you should to see if the water is coming through the roof. We recommend calling a professional roofer to climb up on your roof for further inspection at this point.

Discoloration of the Ceiling

Before moving on to the ceiling for the rooftop inspection, you also want to look for any discoloration in the ceiling and/or tiles. Brown spots that are not sagging are still indicators of water leaking from somewhere. Dark, slightly tinted areas are also signs of water damage. While this damage may not originate from the roof, you will need to inspect the area above the ceiling to make sure.

Missing or Damaged Roof Tiles

Inspecting the tiles of asphalt roofs in case of water damage is doable for some homeowners. However, you must be in an able-bodied condition to climb up on to the roof for an inspection. This also requires you to have a sturdy ladder that is safe for you to climb onto your house. When you climb up on top of the roof, the first thing you are going to want to look for are any missing or damaged roof tiles. 
Broken tiles and shingles that are loose are going to fall off now that they are damaged. These can be replaced in individual sections. However, if you have extensive roof damage, you are looking at a total roof replacement. Additionally, you will want to hire a professional roofer to handle individual roof tile repairs, just as you would for a roof replacement.

Damaged Siding and Gutters

Inspect any gutters, siding, or flashing on your roof to see if there is damage or missing materials. If these elements of the housing are not connected to the roof or siding, this can leave plenty of room for water to leak in. Metal roofs that have missing sheet panels, screws, or nails will also jeopardize the integrity of the roofing.
Again, if you are not sure what these different elements are or how to tell if these are damaged, contact a professional roofing company near you. This will save you the time and energy spent handling this yourself. Ultimately, if you do have damage to the gutters, siding, flashing, etc., these will need to be replaced anyway. By getting an inspection of your roof you are able to detect any possible issues, such as loose gutters that are likely to fall and cause even more damage to your property.

Light Shining through the Roof

We don’t have to tell you that if you have a hole in your roof, you need to replace your roof. If you have obvious problems with your roof, you will want to call a professional roofing company right away. Most importantly, you will need to get a roof covering immediately to protect the interior of your home from any debris or rain that could come in through the hole. Many roofing companies will provide same-day emergency services to put a temporary covering on your damaged roof. We recommend contacting a professional to put a temporary covering in place, as the damaged roof could be unstable in places.
A professional will know how to safely install a temporary covering. Once a temporary covering is in place, you will want to proceed with an estimate for permanent repair and place a claim with your insurance company. The longer you delay, the more chances that mold or rot can set into the opening. This can cause widespread damage not just in your roof, but also throughout your interior.

Safety with Roof Inspections

Keep in mind, slip-and-fall accidents are some of the most dangerous types of work-related accidents. As a homeowner, you are even more at risk of slipping and falling if you are not confident with your ability and equipment for climbing onto your roof. This is where a professional roofing company can literally save the day.
By asking a professional roofing company that is insured to inspect your roof, you will protect yourself from any liability on your homeowner’s policy. Furthermore, a professional roofer has experience and safety equipment to make accessing the roof far safer. By contacting a roofing expert to come and inspect after a storm or due to potential roof damage, you reduce your personal risk.
Roofing companies are trained and insured to handle roof inspections for you. A roofing company will be able to look at the drywall, stains, paint, granules, and flashing to see right away if you have damage to your roof and need a replacement. Save yourself the hardship of worrying about your roof’s integrity. Our inspections are always free-of-charge and no-obligation. We are always happy to meet with you and provide a full report detailing the condition of your roof.
Still unsure about the condition of your roof? Interested in a professional inspection? Assurance Residential offers top quality customer service and no-obligation inspections in the Lawrenceville, GA and surrounding areas. After the inspection, we’ll provide a detailed report, including pictures of your roof, so you can have peace-of-mind about the condition of your roof. Call 404-600-ROOF to set up a FREE inspection today!
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Ryan Calder

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