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ice on the roof.

3 Ways Ice Can Damage Your Georgia Roof

Winters in North Georgia aren’t severe, but there’s still the possibility of an ice storm. Ice is a destructive force for your roof. Find out what type of damage ice can cause, and what to keep a look out for.

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roof maintenance

Fall Roof Maintenance Tips

It’s a good idea to check on the condition of your roof at least once a year and perform any needed maintenance. Read about a few basic checks that you can easily perform to extend the lifetime of your roof.

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roof decorating

Roof Safety Tips for Holiday Decorating

Many people get into the holiday spirit after the big Thanksgiving meal by decorating their homes in lights. Putting out the holiday lights can be a fun, family activity and tradition. Before you get out the ladder, though, it’s a good idea to remember a few safety tips to prevent any injuries.

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