Fall Roof Maintenance Tips

Removing dirt and debris from gutters.

Autumn is the best season for home maintenance. It’s cool and (usually) dry enough to work outside, and it helps get you ready for the most brutal season of all. The roofs in Georgia may not have to handle the pressure of pounds and pounds of snow, but they’re by no means immune to the inevitable precipitation and ice that wintertime will bring. If you want to avoid leaks, here are a few ways to keep your roof in tip-top shape. 

Gutters First

Roof maintenance starts with your drainage system. The gutters and downspouts of the home need to be cleared of fall leaves regularly if they’re going to keep up with an influx of winter storms. You can use caulk as an inexpensive and effective solution for minor holes, but major wear and tear (e.g., sagging, splitting seams, etc.) likely means that you’ll need to replace either specific components or the whole thing.

Check the Shingles

Your roof is constantly exposed to the worst of the weather, and it’s also usually the most neglected part of the home. Unless you’re climbing ladders every year, the attic or crawl space is usually the first sign of holes in the roof. These spots in the home are often abandoned for full seasons, meaning homeowners won’t discover the problem until it’s relatively advanced. If the top of the roof is accessible, autumn is a good time to check for curling shingles, crumbling cement, or wear at the joints. If they’re damaged, experts recommend replacing rather than patching if you need a long-term solution.

Fix the Soffit 

If staying indoors, check for unexplained stains, peeling wallpaper, or damaged paint. You can also examine the soffit of the home. (Not all homes have this material, but most do.) It’s usually made from aluminum or steel and can be found under the rafters or eaves. Soffit may need to be replaced if it compromises the ventilation of the home. Worn soffit can lead to water damage, rot, or even fire. A damaged roof can allow embers to enter the soffit, which can then become trapped and further ignite. 

Evaluate the Trees

When trees die during the winter, they may not be able to withstand the strong winds. Dying or vulnerable trees on the property may need to be identified and then cut down to avoid a larger disaster. You may also have to trim tree branches that hang precariously over the roof. If they fall for any reason, the roof may not be able to handle the weight. They may also be difficult to remove in a timely manner (especially if the weather is severe).
Inspecting the roof annually is a great way to stave off emergencies and catch problems before they turn into expensive repairs. Calling Assurance Residential for a free professional inspection can be the key to having a peaceful winter, one that doesn’t include setting buckets down or battling with your insurance company. Call us today at 404-600-ROOF or fill out our form to schedule a free consultation and estimate. We serve the Gwinnett county, GA and surrounding counties, including Forsyth, Hall and Barrow.
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